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Types of Ownership


Sole Owner  

Being the sole owner of a racehorse gives you the right to all prize money accrued, as well as the chance to name and race a potential star in your own set of silks. As a sole owner you will be involved with all decision making in the career of your racehorse, but are also solely responsible for all expenses your horse accrues.

Part Owner

Many people prefer part-ownership of a racehorse, as you get to share all the thrills of race day glory, as well as the bills. Part-owners are afforded all of the same privileges of sole owners, for a fraction of the cost.


Buying a share in a racehorse syndicate provides a cost-effective option for those wanting a taste of ownership at a fraction of the price. Syndication offers a great number of people the chance to own a share of a horse at a much lower cost than afforded through part-ownership.

Click here for a list of Authorised Syndicators


Leasing a horse is another pathway into racehorse ownership. One can lease a horse with family and friends without having the ongoing responsibility of owning a horse. The lessee still pays for all training fees and associated costs, and keeps a percentage of prize money won. The leasing owner commonly retains a cut of prize money won.