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Industry Participant Support Program

Racing SA has introduced a complimentary assistance program to help protect the welfare of all industry participants.

Provided through independent supplier ACCESS, the assistance program offers three free counselling sessions provided by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The service is 100 percent confidential and available for all industry participants immediately.

Racing SA CEO Vaughn Lynch said the assistance program was designed to help people effectively deal with problems at home and work.

“The health and welfare of all industry participants is of the utmost importance to us,” Lynch said.

“Support from fellow industry participants, peers, family and friends obviously play a critical role in coping with stress and difficult situations. However, we recognise there are times when people need access to professional support because personal, family or work issues are impacting their wellbeing.

“So, whatever the nature and extent of the concerns, we want all industry participants to know they can access support through this assistance program which provides qualified counsellors who will look to identify problems and find ways to resolve them.”

For further information about the ACCESS assistance program visit or call 1300 667 700. Licensed participants can access the service simply by quoting ‘Racing SA’.