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Race Day


You’ve made it! Your first raceday as a racehorse owner!

There’s nothing like watching your horse run for the first time – expect butterflies in your stomach.

By this stage your trainer should have contacted you about how the horse is looking and what his expectations are for it heading into the race.

Course Entry

If you are an owner (or part of a syndicate) your name or syndicate name will be featured as an owner in the race book and you will usually be admitted into the racecourse free of charge. Some clubs prefer to refund the admission cost at the Secretary’s Office.

At the track you are able to visit your horse before the race at the horse stalls. And you are allowed to meet with the trainer and jockey prior to your horse’s race to discuss tactics in the mounting yard. Some racecourses require mounting yard passes which are available from the Secretary’s Office.


Your trainer would have selected a jockey to ride your horse in the race. Often they have a relationship with a number of jockeys who they use frequently but sometimes a jockey will be chosen on their style or the weight the jockey will carry.


Usually a horse will race in the colours registered by the trainer, and most owners are happy with that. If you wish, you or your syndicate can register your own set of colours for your horse to race in, usually this happens if an individual or syndicate has a large share of a particular horse.